Ontrak phases

  • 1.

    Process Development Phase

    In the Process phase, Glenro lamination engineers evaluate lamination requirements and then conduct a variety of tests to develop the optimal lamination process. The lamination process is developed and tested on unique Glenro high-efficiency flatbed laminators. During the development process, each of the important variables--pressure, temperature, time, and adhesives—are optimized for the materials being laminated.

  • 2.

    Proof of Concept Phase

    In the Proof of Concept Phase, Glenro manufactures products using the optimal laminating processes developed in the Process Phase. These manufactured products can then be shaped/assembled/used to build a functioning prototype product. This fully functional product can in turn go through a series of real-world tests under the exact environmental conditions of the final application.

  • 3.

    Production Phase

    In the Production Phase, Glenro will run the materials to be laminated on in-house lamination lines—the same lines that were used to develop and optimize the laminating process. That procedure eliminates costly and time-consuming “line recalibration”—and ensures that the finished product is identical to the product developed in the Proof of Concept Phase. The output of the Glenro lamination lines are Production Units—ready to be sold or integrated as a component into other products.